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Static Code Analysis for Android applications

Static code analysis is very important part for overall Quality Assurance. Apart from functional testing for developed features it is also equally important to test application code so as to ensure best quality and experience.

Static code analysis tool are used inspect code and learn about various factors like security, performance, potential vulnerabilities, structural code issues and so on. Basically, this tool can be used to run at compile time and reports could be used to analyze overall issues. Static code analysis helps us to identify defects which other testing practices may miss to catch within overall testing lifecycle. We should encourage testers to also add them in traditional testing practices.

Some of the available tools which can be used for Android code are as below:


Lint comes by default as a part of Android Studio. It checks your Android project source files for potential bugs and optimizations for correctness, security, performance, usability, accessibility, and internationalization.

Refer below URL for more information about Lint.


It is an open source & works on Java byte code so can be considered as more faster.

It can help to find code correctness, Dodgy code, Multi-threaded Correctness, Performance issues, Malicious Code Security issues and Internationalization.

Refer below URL for more information.


It is also an open –source tool. It verifies the source code for coding conventions like headers, imports, formatting, whitespaces, etc. One can define the standards for coding in XML file and force those rules overall coding.

For more information visit

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